Litter F

CH.J.  I.CH. KliFold El ` Bogatka  &  СH. Kliofoldcity Cappuccino

The carrier of the odd and blue eyes is possible.
TOP SHOW parents , PKD N/N.


Kliofoldcity Forbes

Scottish straight longhair, male -Мальчик хайленд-cтрайт n 02 21

свободен- available 

only for breeding and show


Kliofoldcity Flame & Ice

not available, may be for sale later

other kitten are reserved- остальные малыши зарезервированы

The kittens we sell as pet are neutered before they leave home!

Welcome to the site "Kliofoldcity".

Attention! Our kittens are not for resale!

Our kittens are extremely well socialized and treated as full as members of our friendly family. Our cats are never caged, they always freely walk in the house and surrounded by great attention, care and love. We’d like to kiss and hug them whole days and they return their affection to us!  So our kittens are well resolved, have an open character, absence of any aggression or  indifference to people.


Our kittens are ready to go to new home at the age of 4 months. By this time our kittens have 3 sets of vaccination including rabies, they are good socialized and ready for shipping. Each kitten has registration papers , veterinary health certificate, veterinary passport and contract. For further information, please write to the e-mail: dauphin123@mail.ru